Hands-On Patient Workshop Information

Attendees have two options:

  1. Participate in the hands-on injection training
  2. Observe during the hands-on training

Those who will be participating during the hands-on injection training are agreeing to the following:

  • All injectors MUST have a medical license in the state where the program is taking place AND be covered under their programs malpractice insurance
  • All products and supplies will be provided by xMedica
  • All Injectors MUST arrange for their own patient
  • Injectors will communicate the meeting details to their patient. xMedica will provide you with information to send to your patient (venue, address, parking info, etc.).
  • Patients must agree to:
    • Arrive at the designated time - 10:00am
    • Stop taking aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, vitamin E, etc. (if possible) 10 days prior to the injection workshop as this will help reduce the possibility of bruising.
    • A light lunch will be provided for patients

If you change your mind about bringing a patient (after you have registered) please let us know by emailing info@x-medica.com immediately!